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Lincoln Property Company Conduit Locating

Wisconsin ground penetrating radarLincoln Property Company, the managers of an office building in Downer’s Grove, IL needed to perform some vital repairs in the underground parking garage, requiring a small area of the concrete floor to be removed in order to access a 480-volt electric conduit. They contracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to locate the conduit underneath the concrete floor, as well as to find the slab thickness and confirm that no other electric conduits would be hit during cutting. GPRS technician Nathan Machel was able to determine the conduit location quickly and efficiently, and marked the location and depth directly on the concrete surface.

Nathan Machel runs GPRS operations in the Chicago Region. He is based in Chicago, IL and he can be reached at 847-514-2277 or by email at  Concrete scanning for the purposes of identifying the location of rebar and post-tensioning is the most frequent service performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS.

Nathan Machel of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems performs a GPR scan of the floor in order to locate an electric conduit. The location of the conduit can be marked directly on the concrete.

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