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Hancock Center 39th Floor
GPR Systems Rebar Locating Project

During a renovation of an office suite on the 39th floor of the John Hancock Center in Chicago, IL, holes needed to be drilled to accommodate new plumbing and electric lines. The building’s engineers were concerned that drilling these holes would cut through too much rebar and weaken that section of the building. Walsh Construction, the construction managers on this project, contracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Chicago, IL to locate the rebar in the concrete floor prior to drilling. GPRS was able to locate and label all of the rebar quickly and accurately, marking the location of all the reinforcing steel directly onto the concrete surface. Because the rebar was accurately located, all of the holes were able to be drilled without hitting any reinforcing steel.

Nathan Machel runs GPRS operations in the Chicago Region.  He is based in Chicago, IL and he can be reached at (847) 514-2277 or by email at  Concrete scanning for the purposes of identifying the location of rebar, post-tensioning, and electric conduits is the most frequent service performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS.

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GPRS representative Nathan Machel conducts a GPR scan in the area where a hole is to be drilled. Nathan was able to locate the reinforcing steel and mark the locations of the rebar directly onto
the concrete.

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The rebar locations were indicated on the concrete. Holes could then be drilled between the lines, avoiding hitting any rebar.

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