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Utilities Located For Contractor - Jefferson, Wisconsin

Staff Electric from Jefferson Wisconsin contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Chicago to come and locate some underground utilities at one of their projects. The project was at the Nestle-Purina factory in Jefferson, there was a need to locate the gas line as well as some electrical duct banks in the area of where the construction was taking place. Staff Electric had a huge crane coming on site to lift some electrical equipment to the roof and needed to identify the underground utilities so they could avoid setting the weight of the crane over the top of the utilities. GPRS also scanned the specific area to make sure there were no voids under the pavement that would allow the crane to bust through the surface.

Utilities Located For Contractor - Jefferson, Wisconsin

GPRS is always doing this kind of scanning projects, just to assure that there will be no mishaps when doing a big lift like this one will be. Around Chicago land and the surrounding areas GPRS is performing all types of underground utility scans as well as concrete scanning before hole penetrations or saw-cutting. If you need our assistance on your next project please feel free to call Troy Bullock to set something up. 773-717-6935 or email

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