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Underground Utilities At The Muskego Rail Yard
In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Working in conjunction with an environmental firm, a GPR survey was conducted at Muskego Rail Yard in Milwaukee, WI. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was there to conduct the GPR survey to see if there were any possible underground utilities or underground pipes running through an area set aside for soil boring clearance. The reason GPR surveys are used on areas like this is to locate any hazards that may be in the way of drilling. It is easy for scientists to plan where they would like to their soil borings when unknowns like utilities and other obstructions are mapped out.

GPRS of Chicago was able to conduct the scan and locate possible utilities that could have posed problems later. Any underground utilities, pipes or other obstructions were found; this information was then relayed to the environmental firm and drilling team so they could proceed.

Utility locating is a common application for GPRS technicians. If you have any questions regarding the use of Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete scanning or underground imaging on your job site in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Northwest Indiana, please contact John Lause at 312-485-7725 or


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