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UST Detection in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was hired by Vertex Systems to determine if there were any underground storage tanks (UST) or a grave site where a tank once was. GPRS used a 400 MHz antenna to scan the parking lot of a vacant business to search for these tanks. The possible grave sites needed to be found so there could be soil borings performed near the locations of the graves. The soil needed to be tested before the new owner could occupy the business.

UST Detection in Sheboygan, Wisconsin    

The acre lot was scanned with the 400 MHz antenna in a grid pattern going North to South and East to West, while doing so there was one spot on the site that was a location were a UST once was. Vertex Systems needed a report to give to the client stating the findings and location of the grave site in which GPRS had completed the report within three days after the project was complete.

UST detection is a common application for the Chicago, GPRS technicians. If you have any questions regarding the use of Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete scanning or underground scanning in the Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, or Indiana area feel free to call Troy Bullock at 773-717-6935. Email:

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