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Water Main Break Void Locating - Green Bay, WI Water Main Break Void Locating - Green Bay, WI

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently asked to assist on a project at a hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin. GPRS was asked to determine the location of possible underground voids due to a water main break. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Project Manager Paul Mandella assisted on this project prior to excavation and repair of a leaking water line. GPR is a great tool for use in many different scenarios because it does not emit harmful radiation, produces virtually no noise or interference, and will not disturb business operations.

Underground Storage Tanks Located at Gas Station - Green Bay, WI

GPRS was contacted by a local environmental group interested in coring several bores at a pre-existent gas station to take soil samples and check for contamination. Prior to drilling, they asked that GPRS scan the location for Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s) and other utilities. The project consisted of using a radio detection device which picks up live electrical, such as site lighting, and main power going to the existing building. GPRS also used Ground Penetrating Radar to locate the utilities and tanks in the drill sites. Paul Mandella out of Wisconsin performed the necessary scans of the area and clearly marked all findings directly on the surface with marking paint so the drillers could avoid hitting any objects. Because of the instant results provided by Ground Penetrating Radar, the project was able to proceed immediately after scanning without worry of property damage and damage to the environment!

Underground Storage Tanks Located at Gas Station in Green Bay, WI

The above image was taken directly from the site. This Ground Penetrating Radar data shows two underground storage tanks present at this site.
The two orange arrows represent the two tanks. GPRS was able to mark these reactions so that the client could take samples safely!

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