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GPR Used For Utility Locating At Lambeau Field
- Green Bay, Wisconsin

GPR Used For Utility Locating At Lambeau Field In Green Bay, Wisconsin

GPRS was hired by a Green Bay, WI. construction management group by the name of Miron Construction to locate some electrical conduits. Miron has been Lambeau Field for that last three years doing a bunch of construction to the complex. At the end of this season they will be renovating the locker room and kitchen area, in doing so they will be adding an elevator in this particular location. Miron had concerns with a known electrical duct bank that runs pretty close to where the new elevator shaft will be installed, so they wanted GPRS to locate the exact route of this duct bank. With the GPR technology we were able to give them the exact location of this duct bank, to give them comfort knowing it will be out of there way when digging the new elevator shaft.

With GPR, we are able to give pretty accurate locations of underground utilities so they can be avoided in a planning process of a high profile job like this one.

If there are any questions in regards to underground utility scanning or even concrete scanning in the surrounding areas of Illinois please feel free to call Troy Bullock at 773-717-6935 or email at

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