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Utility Locating Prior to Fiber Optic Line Install - Milwaukee, WIUtility Locating Prior to Fiber Optic Line Install at Miller Park
- Milwaukee, WI

GPRS, Inc. was contacted by a large engineering and surveying firm based out of Saukville Wisconsin to conduct a ground penetrating radar and Radio Detection scan at Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, WI. The scope of this project was to locate the utility lines within eight proposed fiber optic runs that were being installed for Verizon Wireless. GPRS scanned each of the proposed fiber optic runs, each of which had a length of 1000ft. During the scan, we located water, gas, 480V electric, site lighting, fiber optic, communications, sanitary, storm sewer, and an electrical line that lead to several sprinkler control valve boxes. As the utilities were located, the results of the scan were marked onto the project surface with spray paint.

Once the scan was completed, the contactor was then able to use this information to plan the locations of their final fiber optic runs. The client was so impressed by the amount of utilities that we were able to locate, they decided to schedule GPRS to come out and scan the area once again just prior to excavation. GPR is a great tool to locate underground utilities prior to digging or excavating. In addition to locating utility lines, GPRS can also scan concrete for rebar, post tension cables, conduits, pipes or utilities.

To learn more about the services that we provide, to schedule an appointment, or for a quote, please contact Wisconsin’s GPR Expert: Christopher A. Geary – Regional Manager. Give Chris a call at 414.795.6845 or send him an email at to discuss your project today!

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