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Concrete Scanning - Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Concrete Scanning - Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

There was a lot of concrete to be cut on this site and the contractor chose to start cutting prior to hiring us to do scanning and had cut threw a couple 480V electrical lines that were running through the concrete slab. Now fortunately no one was hurt from this and the place was under construction, so nothing was affected by them losing power to specific items. So after they cut through conduits on their first trench of the job they called GPRS to scan all the other areas to be sure they were clear of what was running below the surface. GPRS scanned over 5,000 square feet of trench at this site and was able to mark out all the conduits and other piping on the surface so they could avoid cutting through them and getting someone hurt.

If this sounds like a service you might need for your upcoming project in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, or Indiana please feel free to call Troy Bullock at 773-717-6935 or email at

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