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Concrete Scanning For Engineering Firm
In Northern Wisconsin

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was hired by an engineering firm to help them with determining the strength of the concrete structure at a paper mill in DePere, WI. The paper mill that we were conducting the work at is a very old place with a lot of fork lift traffic on an elevated slab. There was big concern of the stability of this old slab with all the traffic on it and they also had some of the concrete chipping away on the bottom side. We were able to help assist the engineers in this project by giving them the thickness of the elevated slab, rebar size, and rebar pattern. By giving them this info, the engineers are able to determine if the floor is safe for the traffic and if any further reinforcing is needed.

Concrete Scanning For Engineering Firm In Northern Wisconsin

This type of work is a common practice for GPRS technicians. If you have any questions about the need for Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete scanning or underground utilities in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, or Indiana please call Troy Bullock at 773-717-6935. Email

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