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Concrete Scan - Milwaukee, WIGround Penetrating Radar: “The New Way to X-RAY”
Need your concrete X-Rayed? GPRS, Inc. is the tough job experts for locating the unknowns beneath your feet.

GPRS, Inc. was contacted by a major general contractor in Milwaukee, WI to assist with determining the location of post tension tendons and rebar reinforcing prior to core drilling. GPRS, Inc. was called to the site to locate the reinforcing in order to clear drilling locations for new plumbing. GPRS, Inc. was tasked with identifying the location/ depth of the reinforcing as well as differentiating rebar vs. post tension tendons. GPRS, Inc. was able to answer all of the questions regarding the reinforcing within the slab and the findings from the GPR scanning were consistent with design plans. The scanning was conducted and marked directly on the surface in real time! This allowed for the general contractor to decide how to proceed with cutting/ drilling quickly, safely, and keep the project on budget.

Before anchoring, drilling, coring, cutting or designing new added concrete structures your first call should be to GPRS! Often, building plans are outdated, missing, or inaccurate and this could cause major problems for your project. Contact your local GPR Expert to discuss how GPRS, Inc. can assist you on your project.

Your local GPR expert in Wisconsin:

Christopher A. Geary – Regional Manager
414.795. 6845 or

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