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Home Page – Learn all about Ground Penetrating Radar in Wisconsin. Discover how ground radar technology can help you locate hidden underground elements or buried utilities. GPR can also scan for underground concrete and conduct concrete x-rays. Ground Penetrating Radar is the most safe and efficient way to obtain information about buried cables, buried concrete, and all other hidden underground structures in Green Bay, Oshkosh, and all over Wisconsin

Applications – Discover all the benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar and its uses in Wisconsin. Ground radar can be used to locate underground structures like buried rebar and buried pipe. GPR can find underground storage tanks and buried utilities, as well as map concrete deterioration. Ground Penetrating Radar performs all these services in Kenosha, Racine, and every part of Wisconsin.

Ground Penetrating Radar advantages – Advantages over Radiography – Learn why GPR in Wisconsin is far superior in cost, safety, and efficiency than radiography (or x-ray) in Wisconsin. Our customers in Madison, Eau Claire, and the rest of Wisconsin have learned first-hand why ground radar is better in every way than any other underground mapping technology.

Benefits of using Ground Penetrating Radar – In Milwaukee, Appleton, and every other part of Wisconsin, ground radar is a safe and reliable way to locate hidden underground elements. Find out why GPR is Wisconsin’s only choice for underground mapping.

Where We’ve Worked – See a list of states, other than Wisconsin, where Ground Penetrating Radar is available.

References – A list of satisfied customers of Ground Penetrating Radar in Wisconsin and all over the country.

F.A.Q. – Have questions about Ground Penetrating Radar and its uses in Sheboygan, Janesville, or anywhere else in Wisconsin? This page will have all the answers about ground radar.

Ground Penetrating Radar Definitions – This page will provide information and definitions about the most common ground radar terminology.

Job Summaries – Ground Penetrating Radar has performed underground mapping and located hidden underground elements in every corner of Wisconsin. This page will detail some of our bigger and more interesting past GPR projects in Wisconsin.

Contact Us – If you live in Green Bay, Milwaukee, or anywhere else in Wisconsin – and you have underground mapping needs, click on this page to contact the professionals of Ground Penetrating Radar in Wisconsin. Whether you need to locate buried utilities or map underground concrete deterioration, our trained GPR technicians will be to your Wisconsin location immediately and put the superior technology of ground radar to work for you.


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