Utility Scanning Prior to Digging at Hospital - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

GPRS, Inc. was contacted by a general contractor to scan for utilities prior to excavation at a hospital site in Milwaukee, WI. The contractor needed to install a sewer line, but they wanted to have the area scanned before they got started with excavation. After arriving on site, GPRS scanned the area using both ground penetrating radar and Radio Detection equipment, and these results were marked onto the ground with spray paint and flags. Once the scan was finished, the contractor was then able to use this information to plan out the safe removal of the soil that was required to install the sewer line.

Upon completion of this project, the contractor was so impressed with our work, that they decided to hire us to help them with the next phase of their project which involved scanning the entire job site for utility lines, and then documenting these results into CAD.

To learn more about the utility locating services that we offer, please contact GPRS today. Not only can we locate utility lines, but we can also scan concrete for rebar, post tension cables, conduits, and pipes (including PVC pipe). For your next project, please contact .

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