Mapping Voids Beneath Concrete in Green Bay, Wisconsin

No need for destructive testing, call Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. – GPRS – of Wisconsin! GPRS, Inc. can locate voids! GPRS, Inc. was contracted by a very well-known contractor in Green Bay, WI. to locate the extent and location of voids beneath the concrete inside a large manufacturing facility. The concern of voids began when a water main burst inside the facility and flooded a large area. The concrete near the damaged water main had shifted and caused structural and cosmetic damage to office areas in nearby. GPRS, Inc. was able to mobilize within 48 hours and locate the extents of the voids beneath the concrete to provide insight into where mudjacking should occur to level the concrete. This also saved the client thousands of dollars by having it scanned instead of going a more destructive route.

Using our 400 MHz and 1600 MHz antenna we were able to see well into the slab and in areas where concrete to detect areas of voids underneath the concrete. Ground penetrating radar is a great tool to scan areas of post tension cables, rebar, and conduits, including PVC pipes and can also be used to locate underground utilities prior to digging or excavating, void scanning, UST locating and much more! Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems – GPRS to learn how we can assist with your project. To locate rebar, post tension cables, voids, conduits, pipes or utilities in concrete or underground please contact us today.